Ellie Nunn – The Daughter-in-Law

Ellie will be appearing in D.H. Lawrence’s The Daughter-in-Law as Minnie Gascoyne in Jack Gamble’s production at the Arcola Theatre, the first production of Lawrence’s acclaimed proto-Kitchen-Sink Drama in over fifteen years. 

Set during the 1912 Miner’s Strike that instituted the first minimum wage in Britain, it shows the faltering marriage of Luther and Minnie Gascoyne, a young miner and former governess. Their already present tensions and misunderstandings caused by their different background are exacerbated by the powerful influence of Luther’s mother and then all hell breaks loose when it is discovered that Luther made another woman pregnant before his marriage to Minnie. 

Although it was neither staged nor even published during Lawrence’s lifetime, and the man himself described it as “neither a tragedy nor a comedy – just ordinary”, it is now considered as a masterpiece with George Bernard Shaw numbering among its admirers. 

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