Brian Caspe, Sinéad Phelps and Michael Pitthan – Carinval Row

Brian, Sinéad and Michael feature in Amazon Studio’s upcoming Neo-Noir Fantasy Carnival Row, an 8-part series currently in post-production slated for release on Amazon Video in 2019.

Brian features as Nigel Winetrout, the senior advisor to Chancellor Breakspear (Jared Harris) and his wife Piety Breakspear (Indira Varma), government officials desperately trying to maintain power and order. 

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Sinéad plays the faerie Nefrie Doz in episode 4 but also has a recurring role as Jenila, a Puck Handmaid with a wicked sense of humour.

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Michael has the role of both Fennimore, a 7 foot tall centaur, and a Ghetto Guard, trying to keep the peace in the slums that have sprung up thanks to the influx of refugees. 

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Starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, it takes place in a fictional Neo-Victorian Steampunk-esque city where mythical beings have fled to from the ongoing war and strife in their homeland. Forced to live side-by-side with humans, these folkloric refugees and their slightly less magical counterparts live in an uneasy peace but a series of murders threatens to upset that fragile balance.

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