Brian Caspe & Michael Pitthan – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Brian and Michael are both featured heavily in the open-world adventure video-game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, released on February 13th. 

Set in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the modern-day Czech Republic during the 15th Century, you take the role of Henry, the son of a village blacksmith, when the death of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV plunges the kingdom into chaos as his half-brother and King of Hungary Sigismund kidnaps the new king and takes the jewel in the Empire’s crown for himself.  

Focusing very strongly on historical accuracy and a strong adherence to reality, Brian plays a number of different characters but most notably Petr from Dubá while Michael voices Lord Radzig Kobyla, the local lord trying to form a resistance against Sigismund’s invading forces.

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